99% of the weddings have a crowd of relatives jumping through the roof and the couple sitting timidly at the centre. A sane person would frankly wonder what have these two lovely people gone through that makes them this low. Come on! It’s your wedding! Your uncle and aunties are not getting hitched. So, you have all the rights to enjoy at your own wedding. When you look back at your own wedding album after few years, you must be saying ‘I had so much fun at my OWN wedding!’.

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1. Don’t Be That Typical Indian Bride
Come on! we’re not in the 1960s. Ditch that shy-bride commandment. You should have fun as well without looking insane, of course. You can dance as well. You can laugh.

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2. Laugh a Lot
I’ve seen many brides not laughing as it might crack their makeup. So, if you’re getting married soon, make sure that your makeup isn’t too drying. You have all the rights and reasons to laugh.

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3. Make Your Friends Do Some Jobs
It is perfectly okay to sit and order your friends to do things for you on your wedding day. Focus on looking and feeling good. Don’t stress about the arrangements. Your family is there to keep it checked.

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4. Get Enough Sleep
You want to look radiant on your big day? Then get enough of sleep a day before. I’ve seen many sleep-deprived brides looking as dull as a fused bulb on their D-Day.

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5. Get Some Alcohol
If your wedding is scheduled in winters, it is perfectly alright to gulp some gin down. It will ease your senses. But don’t go overboard and become the talk of the town by getting wasted at your own wedding.

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