Tossing away the spoilt food in the bin hurts a lot. This shouldn’t be done at first place. While a portion of the human population is dying out of starvation, you should be sustainable in your consumption. The best way to reduce your food wastage is to keep your food fresher for a longer time. But how?
We have some handy methods to prolong the shelf life of some common food items. Grab a notebook and start taking notes…

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1. Prevent Your Vegetable from Getting Rotten
Veggies kept in the refrigerator go bad as well. Do you wonder why? The main culprit is the moisture trapped inside the veggie basket. What to do then? You can line the veggie drawer with some paper napkins before putting the veggies in it. Change the paper napkins often. These paper napkins will absorb all the moisture from the basket.

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2. Increase the Shelf Life of Wheat Flour
Wheat flour in no time becomes a heavenly abode for the creepy crawlers. But don’t worry about them anymore. Put your wheat flour in the refrigerator to prevent its rotting. Take the flour out of the refrigerator and then put it in an air-tight container. Keep the container in a cool and dry place. Keeping in the refrigerator will kill the insect larvae that might be present in it.

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3. Prevent Bananas from Going Mushy
Mushy bananas taste bad and smell bad as well. No matter where you store them, they will get mushy in 2-3 days. You can prevent this ripening process by tying a plastic wrap on the stems to prevent the emission of ethylene gas which is responsible for ripening. Try this trick and share your experience with us.

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4. Save the Bread
Bread gets hard and rancid very fast. The starch molecules in the bread start drying out as soon as the pack is opened. If you keep them in the refrigerator, it dries out even faster. The best way to store bread slices is to keep them in an air-tight container.

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5. De-Clog the Salt Shaker
Salt hardens as soon as it comes in contact with air and humidity. This often clogs the holes of the salt shaker. The best way to prevent this is to put the jar in the sunlight or put some rice in the shaker before putting salt in it. Rice will absorb the moisture and prevent the clogging of the salt shaker.

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