Belly fat or obesity is a common problem faced by many people. And to shed those extra calories people join a gym, consult a nutritionist and use many other alternatives available in the market. But do you know that you can shed your belly fat by following these simple tricks and indulging them in your regular regimes?

These few tricks are not only effective but will also help in maintaining your health in a healthy way.

1. Sprinkle some pepper

Sprinkle some pepperImage Source: mielsetuneepices

Pepper consists a component Piperine which is very helpful in reducing belly fat as it improves the metabolism which later leads to weight loss. Apart from this it treats stomach related issues and controls cholesterol.

2. Cook food with coconut oil

Cook food with coconut oilImage Source: theptkitchen

Coconut oil contains saturated fats that maintain the cholesterol level which later promotes weight loss. It is also used for many beauty benefits.

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3. Avoid diet sodas

Avoid diet sodasImage Source: healthyfoodhouse

Diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners which are not good for your health. According to a research, it tricks your brain that you are consuming sugar, which urges you to consume more. And according to another study people who consume more than two diet sodas gain six times more weight than nondrinkers.

4. Include nuts in your diet

Include nuts in your dietImage Source:  wixstatic

Try to include nuts like almonds, walnuts in your daily diet as it is said that it helps in weight loss specifically belly fat.

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5. Have balanced meals

Have balanced mealsImage Source: southeast

A proper diet is a key to a fitter and toned body. Try to have three balanced meals a day that is enough for regulating your metabolism and functioning.Or you can also have five small meals that have a balance of proteins, carbs, and healthy drinks.

6. Have green tea

Have green teaImage Source:  inspiyr

For maintaining weight drinking hot water is really good. But drinking green tea with hot water increases the chances of losing weight. So, drink it thrice a day to see results.

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