Dating can be fun! But what if you know that the relationship you’re looking forward to, is going to be ‘sex-less’? or have your partner just decided to refrain from physical intimacy? Being in a sexless relationship or a sexless marriage isn’t an easy thing. True it is, that sex isn’t everything in a relationship. But it is something, we got to admit that. No matter how hard you try to stay happy without sharing the same bed or just sleeping with your back towards each other; the harsh reality will strike you someday or later. So you shouldn’t be ignoring that dry spell in your relationship. There are plenty of reasons why a couple falls short of the sex drive for their partner. A sexless relationship isn’t going to take you anywhere, so here are few fixes which can help you come out of your sexless relationship or marriage.

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But first of all, you should know why your partner is finding ways to escape those ‘eleven minutes of heaven. Lack of communication can be one reason why you both are not able to share the physical intimacy with each other. Emotional and mental intimacy is the requisite to have a lovemaking session with your partner. You will be surprised to know that the number of cases of ‘Sexless Marriage’ is four folds more than the number of ‘Loveless Marriage’. Depression, financial strain, sexual frustration or just plain doubt can be a reason behind it.

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So now you’ve to stress on how to start having those steamy love making sessions back again.

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1. Consult an Expert
If you treat your partner just like you would treat your roommate, then this is a first sign that you need some medical help. Hypertension, diabetes, obesity or any other hormonal imbalance can be a reason behind these sexual issues in a marriage. You don’t seek a solution out of embarrassment. Or it might be just that you’re too tired to have sex. This seems to be a valid excuse.

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2. Give Some Time to Your Partner
You need to bring some changes in your lifestyle if you really want this relationship to work. If you’re feeling passionless and disconnected towards your partner, then spice up your sex schedule. Choose the Friday nights to be the ‘sex nights’. Take some time alone to talk and behave as a couple and not mere roommates. Consider lovemaking to be like Yoga. You’re not expert at the beginning, but you’ll improve as the time passes.

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3. Talk to Someone Trusted
Talk to your friends about the things going on in your head. You can also consult a therapist. He might help you realise that there is no problem with you and such things are normal to happen. He can prescribe you some medical solutions to get out of this ‘sexless relationship’. If it’s just hormonal issue, it can be worked out by the medicines alone. You can also try silicone lubricants to enhance your sexual experience if sexual trauma is something you’re afraid of.

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4. Think About Romance Daily
Try to find ways to romantically tease your partner. Find ways to be more physically intimate with your partner. Touch is the simplest and the most fundamental way to boost the sex drive between two people. It might seem simple, but it can rekindle your long lost sexual desire. The feeling can be as simple as kissing each other goodbye or holding hands while walking down a lane.

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Most of the women have developed the fear of sex since the very early age. This fear if not eliminated timely, takes a toll on their relationships. You will be surprised to know that even a little bit of communication and lots of love can help you come out of this issue. Sometimes, the other half is not able to take up this sexless alliance and end up breaking up or cheating. So you need to be positive and just remember that no problem is unfixable. If you look into the bottom of the issue, you will have those rocking nights of sex once again.

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