Though monsoons bring great relief from the scorching heat it also brings along several health related issues. Young children especially are prone to frequent illness and health problems and thus it is important to take extra care of your kids during the rainy season. Below we have mentioned some of the tips that you must keep in mind to maintain the health of your kids during monsoons.

1. Suitable clothing- During monsoons, the weather is kind of playing hide and seek with you. Sometimes it will rain badly and on other days it will be sunny outside. It is very important that you dress your kid accordingly. When it is hot and sunny outside make your child wear loose cotton clothes in order to beat the heat. On the other hand, if it is rainy and the weather is cold dress your child in warm clothes.

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2. Maintain cleanliness- Monsoon is the time when you have to maintain extra cleanliness in order to make sure that your child doesn’t fall sick. Not only you should work on keeping the surroundings clean but should also give your child regular baths in order to keep them protected from fungus infections. Also keep the body of your baby dry all the time as dampness may also cause rashes, infections, etc.

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3. Light meals- The digestive system of kids get slowed down or may get adversely affected during monsoons thus you must give them light meals which are easily digestible. Typhoid is one of the most common diseases which your kids are prone to fall prey to in monsoons as it is caused by contaminated food and water. So it is better to give them only home cooked food made in a clean environment.

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4. Keep your child protected from insects and mosquitos- Mosquitos and insects breed in the monsoon and no matter how much you try to restrict them from your house you are going to fail. In this case, you have to take some preventive measures. Spray some mosquito and insect repellent in your kid’s room or apply some mosquito repellent cream on the exposed parts of your baby’s body. But make sure that all these products are safe for use on young babies and kids or consult your doctor for a similar recommendation. Also, make sure to keep the doors and windows of the house closed as much as possible and make your baby sleep under a mosquito net.

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5. Avoid getting soaked in the rain- Kids love getting drenched in the rain but it is definitely not a good thing when we are talking about taking care of your kid’s health. Bygone is the time when rainwater was considered as one of the purest forms of water. The pollution level has gone up so high that even the rain water now is very polluted and harmful to let your kids play in the rain. Keep them indoors while it is raining outside and if they had to go out keep them dry under an umbrella or raincoat.

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