Monsoon is definitely the much awaited thing especially after the scorching heat of the summers. But along with monsoon comes the humidity which is definitely not the best thing for your skin and hair. In order to maintain the originality of your skin and hair, you need to take extra care of your skin and hair during monsoon. Below we have mentioned some of the tips which might come very handy during the monsoons for maintaining a health skin and hair.

1. Skin- All the humidity during the monsoon can cause a havoc on your skin, thus it gets really important to take care of it. In order to keep your skin clean and clear use a gentle cleanser to wash your face. Try to find a cleanser which will not only get rid of all the dirt and sweat but will also maintain the right pH level of the skin. Also, make sure to apply a toner after cleansing your face in order to avoid large pores.

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2. Hair- The humidity does not spare your hair as well. If you want to keep your hair healthy and shiny make sure to massage your scalp with a hair oil at least twice a week. Along with that make sure to use anti-frizz serums and products to avoid frizzy hair.

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3. Clothes- In order to stay comfortable during the monsoon choose clothes made from cotton or lighter fabrics. This way even if you get drenched in the rain your clothes will dry up really quickly and you won’t get sick often.

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4. Waterproof makeup- Though it is better to avoid wearing makeup during the rainy season as you want your skin to be able to breathe as much as possible. But if you decide to put on makeup make sure that the products you choose are light weight which won’t clog up your pores. Along with that use products which are water-proof and won’t get washed away with the rain. For example, instead of using a normal mascara use a water-proof formula. Same goes for eyeliner, instead of a liquid liner use a gel liner which is waterproof and much more long lasting.

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5. Avoid shimmery makeup- During monsoons, it is best to avoid makeup products which have shimmer or glitter in them. A matte blush or bronzer will look so much better than the shimmery ones. For eyeshadows too look for bright colours but without the shimmer.

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6. Lipstick- Since the humidity is at its peak during the monsoon there are chances that your lipstick will end up smearing all over your face. Before applying lipstick line your lips with a lip liner and then fill your lips with the lipstick. Avoid wearing lip glosses and stick to moisturizing lipsticks. Using a lip tint is also a great idea of monsoons as the colour looks very natural and there is no way your lip tint is going to smear all over your face.

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7. Bags and shoes- During monsoon, it is better to keep your leather bags and shoes safe in your house as these may get damaged after getting in contact with water. Leather stuff doesn’t come for cheap therefore keep them well protected during the rainy season.

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8. Primer- Before putting on any makeup, make sure to apply some primer on your face. The primer will ensure that your makeup doesn’t smudge or budge throughout the day.

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