Do you know that you don’t need to go to the doctor for your chronic knee pain? Knee pains are troublesome indeed. But there are times when the medications don’t seem to work. At such conditions, you can seek refuge from the home remedies. Castor oil is one such home remedy which is known to be sure-shot effective for the knee pains. Castor oil is widely used by people suffering from knee injuries and arthritis. More than million people have sworn by the efficiency of castor oil in treating joint pains.

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So do you want to know how to use this golden oil for treating your knee pain? Take a dig deeper in the post.

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Is Castor Oil Truly Effective for Treating Knee Pain?
There is no doubt that castor oil can treat the knee pain when applied topically. Warm some castor oil in the water bath and apply it directly to the problem areas. Don’t heat the castor oil directly. You can also prepare a castor oil pack using some old washcloths. In this post, we will teach you how to prepare a castor oil pack at home. You can prepare a castor oil pack and store it for future use.

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How to Make Castor Oil Pack?
It is very easy to make the Castor Oil pack at home. You’ll be needing the following articles to make this pack.

  •  100% pure castor oil
  •  Heating pad or hot water bottle
  •  Plastic wrap or cellophane sheets.
  •  1 sq. ft. cloth pieces, three.
  •  An old towel
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Method of Preparation of Castor Oil Pack

  1. 1. Take the wash cloth and soak in the hot water.
  2. 2. Drop some castor oil on it. Don’t put so much oil that the cloth is dripping.
  3. 3. Place the hot washcloth on your knee. Wrap the cloth with the help of the cellophane. The cellophane is wrapped to avoid the oil spilling on the bedsheets. You can use the old towels as well if the cellophane is not available.
  4. 4. Place a hot water bottle on the problem area. Keep it for 6-7 hours.
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This castor oil pack for knee pain provides long-term relief from pain. Do this daily, and you will notice that the knee pain is just the thing of the past.

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How Does Castor Oil Ease the Knee Pain?

  1.  Castor oil naturally increases the number of lymphocytes in the body. The T-cell is a sort of lymphocyte which increases the cell-mediated immunity. Thus, Castor oil increases the total T-cell count in the 24-hour period.
  2.  T-Cells is a type of white blood cells which is designed naturally to decrease the chances of diseases. It finds and kills viruses, bacteria, fungi. It has also been reported that T-cells also kills the cancer-causing cells. T-cells speed up the recovery from the injuries. Make sure that you apply the castor oil only where the skin isn’t broken.
  3.  Many less-oily versions of Castor oil are available with the pharmacies. Castiva arthritis pain relief is one such lotion that provides long-term relief from the knee pain. You can find this oil with all the leading pharmacies as well as online medical stores.
  4.  Castiva contains the capsaicin along with the castor oil to treat the knee pain. The heating effect of capsaicin can be used to cure the joint pains.
  5.  There are cooling as well heating castiva lotion. The cooling castiva lotion contains methyl salicylate or menthol. It is a cooling agent. The cooling lotions are much expensive than the warming ones.
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