New Year is just few days away and we all want to look best in 2018. So, what we can do to keep our skin beautiful and flawless in 2018? Well, you need to make some resolutions like you do every year but this time with a twist. In this article, we have shared some beauty resolutions that will keep your skin beautiful and flawless throughout the year.

1. Never skip sunscreen

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This is the most important skincare habit that one should follow in the New Year. Be it summer or winter it is very important to apply sunscreen as it protects your skin and reduces the chances of tanning, uneven skin tone, and premature aging. It is also recommended that you should apply sunscreen 15 minutes before stepping out of the house.

2. Always remove makeup before sleeping

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Well, most of us will agree to this, that a lot of times we forget to remove our makeup before sleeping which later damages our skin. So, to avoid skin allergies and breakouts this is suggested that you should remove all your makeup before sleeping. And if you feel too lazy then garb a pack of makeup removing wipes.

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3. Keep your skin moisturized

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Another important beauty resolution that you should opt this New Year. Moisturization is a very important part of the skin care routine  that you should never skip as it protects your skin from the pollution, various environmental changes and provides you a makeup ready skin. By using this simple tip you can reduce the chances of aging and dryness.

4. Keep your makeup brushes clean

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Always keep your makeup brushes clean  as they are more prone to bacteria. Various experts have said that you should clean your brushes once a month and eye makeup brushes twice a month to avoid infections and allergies. So, opt for this simple resolution and keep breakouts at bay.

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5. Pamper yourself

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Try to fix a day for yourself in a week. Pamper yourself with facials, pedicure, deep cleansing etc. to make your skin healthy and beautiful.

So, these were the few beauty resolutions for the New Year that you should follow for a healthy and beautiful skin.


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