The selfie has a become a new trend in India. Even our Prime Minister loves to click selfies. But the citizens of India have a very bad selfie safety. Whether you go for a jog, driving off to the office or an eatery joint you will find one person around you that will be clicking a selfie. This trend is not just a craze among people but has become an obsession.

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According to a research, India ranks no.1 when it comes to accidents caused by selfies. India alone accounts for 60 per cent accident cases in the world which happened because of selfies. Even after knowing this fact people just don’t take this matter seriously.

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Why are people so obsessed with Selfies?

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According to a study done by Dermer, Mita and Knight in the year 1977 indicated that when people are made to choose between their mirror images and actual photographs, they chose their mirror image because most of the times they are exposed to the mirror and they see themselves most of the times in mirror than in actual pictures.

And Selfie is the extension of this concept. This is the reason why people are more obsessed with their selfie images. With the advancement of technology, they have got all the access to click their pictures, add filters to it and rotate it in different angles.

This is trend of demonstration

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According to counselling psychologist, Nikita, people who click pictures are insane heights are just trying to demonstrate a face of themselves which they want to show the world. Apart from this, another reason given by Dr. Vasantha for the rising number of accidents cases caused by selfies is that people click pictures to show the world that they have achieved a milestone that only a few people have reached for which they are looking for a constant appreciation.

Adding to this topic, Nikita says people think the more the pictures are bold and daring the higher is the chances of them getting noticed and appreciated for it.

Other’s perception becomes yours

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Yes, this demonstration provides a lot of appreciation but it is more dependent on the person how he/she takes that appreciation or disapproval. How much a “LIKE” or “SHARE” or “COMMENT” matters to them. And to what extent they take the disapproval which indicates how healthy is a person psychologically. Dr. Vasantha states, it as a ‘glass-looking effect’ which means you make other’s perception yours. Because you always look other to applaud which is not good.

Is our generation leading towards narcissism?

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Narcissism means one’s excessive interest in self-admiration and physical appearance. Clicking selfies arose from two extreme conditions of mind that are too much self-worth or low self-worth.

People who give too much of importance to oneself click selfies to show off which later forms a bunch of narcissistic. And latter click it to get appreciation from the world as they lack self-worth and the remaining cross all the limits and reach insane heights to get noticed and appreciated for their daredevil stunts that could have risked their lives.

Is this the result of lower human bonding?

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According to Nikita, the answer is yes. Because now the youth has found many ways to forgo of bonds. In today’s time, kids know how to manage their life as most of the parents are working and we are busy spending half of our time talking on the phones rather than spending the time with the one who is sitting next to you. This generation people are more obsessed with displaying oneself on social media rather than their actual character formation. The virtual world has become more important to people than their real life.

And in the end, there is an essential question that needs an answer that why clicking Selfies have become so much important and integral part of a person life. Why can’t they just be happy with the way they are. Why they always need appreciation? Well, if you also relate to these questions then spread the word and make people aware.

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