Giving birth to a life is a blissful feeling. Every woman aspires to become a mother at some point of her life. But pregnancy comes with its whole set of responsibilities. You must be very careful with your health during the gestation period. There is a huge list of Do’s and Don’ts for pregnant women. But here, we will only discuss a few with you.

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There are some natural ingredients that are marked absolutely safe for the mothers-to-be. However, there are still some ingredients which strike a controversy when their health risks are concerned. Go through the pros and cons of each ingredient before deciding to use any one of them.

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Castor oil is one such ingredient which is not entirely safe to use during pregnancy. Read the article carefully if you’re thinking about taking castor oil during pregnancy.

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A Quick Look Inside Castor Oil
Castor oil has been an effective remedy for many problems including joint pain, dandruff, dryness, constipation, etc. It can be used as a remedy for joint pain, blood pressure and acidity. This oil is said to have many positive impacts on our overall health. But the laxative property of castor oil cannot be overlooked. This only property of castor oil makes it unfit for pregnant ladies.

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There have been several debates regarding the safety and health issues of castor oil for pregnant women. But the concrete answers to the questions have not been found yet.

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Can You Use Castor Oil During Pregnancy?
If you don’t want to risk the baby’s health at any cost, then the answer is no. If you are not trying to induce labour, don’t try taking castor oil as it can be dangerous for the unborn.
There have been writings that confirm the use of castor oil to induce labours. Though it is an ancient practice, but the safety issues of the same cannot be overlooked. Using castor oil during pregnancy without a medical advice is not advisable for the pregnant women.

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In fact, many obstetricians are against the usage of castor oil for inducing labour. These induced labours can be risky and have many side effects on the mother and the unborn child.

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Why Should You Avoid Use of Castor Oil During Pregnancy?
There are several reasons to maintain your distance from castor oil when you’re expecting. But here are some of the common reasons to there’s a hullabaloo for using castor oil during pregnancy.

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1. It Increases the Risk of Meconium Aspiration Syndrome
In this dreadful condition, the newborn baby faces a partial blockage in his respiratory tracts. It happens when the baby accidentally breathes in its first faeces in the womb. Castor oil speeds up the defecating process of the baby, hence the baby suffocates itself with meconium.

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2. It Can Dehydrate You
Laxative means it can cause frequent stools. This leads to dehydration. Dehydration is lethal, be it for expecting mother or a normal person. If a woman is dehydrated, she can faint during delivery and situation can turn worse during delivery.

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3. Reduces Milk Supply
Breastfeeding is important for the newborn child as well as the mother. The dehydration caused by castor oil can reduce the production of sufficient milk in the new mothers. This can be very bad for the overall health of the infant.

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4. Painful Labor
Anything in opposition to nature is painful. When you’re inducing labour with castor oil, it can be very painful. Unsupervised and premature labour is more painful than the timely one. Castor oil can tighten your intestinal muscles tightly leading to painful childbirth.

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5. Premature Delivery
This is the most dangerous risk of having castor oil during pregnancy. Castor oil can induce a preterm delivery and in worse cases can cause miscarriage. Premature birth can hamper the development of the baby.

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