Jacqueline Fernandez is an actress who is known for his flawless skin and fitness in Bollywood. During an interview, Jacqueline admitted that she worked really hard to get rid of her acne prone skin. And now finally she has found a perfect skin care routine for her skin that works well.

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Here are some beauty secrets of Jacqueline Fernandez that one can follow to get a flawless skin:

1. Apple cider vinegar with warm water

Apple cider vinegar with warm waterImage Source: waterandrockstudio

Jacqueline Fernandez starts off her day with a glass of warm water mixed with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Most of the skin problems arise because of the digestive problems and this tip is really effective in treating your skin and making it clear inside out. You can also apply apple cider vinegar as a toner if you have an acne-prone skin.

2. Ice cubes for your cheeks and eyes

Ice cubes for your cheeks and eyesImage Source: youthopia

This tip is very effective in soothing sensitive skin, tired eyes and also improves blood circulation. Jacqueline Fernandez uses ice to revive her tired eyes and on cheeks to prevent acne. She also suggests not to apply ice directly on skin instead of this wrap it a tissue or muslin cloth before applying it.

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3. Uses homemade packs

Uses homemade packsImage Source: ar-cdn

Jacqueline Fernandez says that kitchen ingredients are full of goodness that can treat our skin and make it flawless.So, she always uses homemade packs for her skin especially made of yoghurt as it makes her skin smooth and keeps it hydrated.

4. Honey for lip balm

Honey for lip balmImage Source: aroundtheplate

Honey is included in many face packs and also use as a moisturizer but you can also use it to treat your chapped lips.You can also use it with a combination of almond oil and olive oil. Just a small cotton ball and dip it in honey and apply it on your lips and leave it overnight and get soft lips next morning.

So, these were the few beauty secrets followed by Jacqueline Fernandez to get flawless skin.

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