You must have read this many times in those fashion blogs online, to pick up jewellery box with soft insides and a hard exterior. It is true that a hard and sturdy jewellery box will provide your jewellery much protection from damage. But what about the moisture, which is inevitable to happen during the rainy seasons.

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Monsoon is the season during which even your jewellery need more attention, apart from your health. Keep all the jewellery pieces separately. Don’t mix them. don’t use paper tissues to clean them, they are way too abrasive to clean your delicate possessions.

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The top jewellery designers share their valuable and useful jewellery care tips to protect your jewellery this monsoon.

1. Silver jewellery requires extra attention. The physical properties of silver make it more prone to get tarnished and lose its shine in the humid temperatures. Make sure that the container that stores silver jewellery is moisture resistant.

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2. Keep your coral and pearl jewellery away from the hair sprays and perfumes. Pearls are very delicate and if they are stored in a container with harsh insides, they might get scratches and nicks. Put them in soft pouches or plastic zip pouches.

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3. The exterior of your jewellery box should be sturdy to protect your jewellery from any physical damage due to shock. While the interior of your jewellery box should be soft to avoid scratches and nicks. Keep each type of jewellery from mixing with each other.

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4. Keep separate jewellery compartments to store each jewellery type. Don’t store silver, pearls, gold and platinum in the same section. They can rub against each other and can even get tarnished. They can also get entangled if kept together. You can also use different zip lock pouches and store them amid your clothes.

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