Eyes are the most beautiful thing in our human body especially in the case of girls. A slight makeup on the eyes can make you look amazing. But for some, their glasses become a hurdle between their beauty. So, to overcome these problems we have found some makeup tips that will make you look gorgeous even with your glasses.

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Here check out the list of makeup tips that will make you look beautiful with your glasses on:

1. Go for mineral makeup

Go for mineral makeupImage Source: wikihow

One of the most common problems among the girls who wear glasses is that their skin becomes dark in the area where their glasses. And for this reason, many girls apply extra makeup which later comes off with glasses. So, to avoid this try to apply a single layer of mineral makeup. An important makeup tip to remember.

2. Conceal in the right way

Conceal in the right wayImage Source: chimodeh

This makeup tip will help you to get rid of dark circles. It is very common to have dark circles so try to apply concealer which suits your skin tone and make your under area look even.

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3. Illuminate your inner corners

Illuminate your inner cornersImage Source: materialworldsingapore

Try to brighten your inner corner eyes with an ideal concealer or eyeshadow.Shimmery nude, beige and champagne colours are the best for your eyes if you wear glasses. This makeup tip is a must try.

4. Add drama to your lashes

Add drama to your lashesImage Source: zenskisvet

Try to add brown and purple eyeliner to your lower lashes with brown mascara. This will make your eyes look big like a doll. This makeup tip will brighten your look.

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5. Add some brightness to water line

Add some brightness to water lineImage Source: cghblogdotnet

This makeup tip will make you look fresh and revived. Try to brighten your eyes with the nude or white liner on the waterline to get rid of the tired look.

6. Pop up your cheeks

Pop up your cheeksImage Source: pak101

Don’t forget to apply some blush on your cheeks to make them look more perfect. A makeup tip to remember.

7. Winged eyes

Winged eyesImage Source: i.ytimg

This makeup look will add drama to your eyes. Black winged eyes look is perfect for the girls who wear glasses.

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