Rainy season is not a very fun season from the point of view of clothes. Monsoon usually comes with a hot and humid climate, which apparently makes you sweat more. In such season, you should wear fabrics which are comfortable, and which do not stick with your body. Let’s check some fabrics to keep yourself cool and dry this rainy season.

1. Cotton Fabric

If you are looking for reliable clothing material, then there is nothing better than cotton fabric. This fabric will not easily get soaked in water, and so, it will not stick to your body. Children are the ones who sweat the most for their play activities and so on. There are a variety of dresses including shirts available for them in the market. As for women, they can also flaunt beautiful yet elegant cotton dresses. During monsoon, full-length cotton trousers should be avoided. For men, they can wear t-shirts or cotton shirts and can stay cool and dry during this monsoon.

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2. Chiffon and Nylon

These are the clothing fabrics which every girl should be having in her wardrobe. Nylon and chiffon not only look beautiful but become quite wear-worthy fabrics during the monsoons. This fabrics dry up easily during the rainy season and yet look wonderful! Women can wear chiffon and nylon sarees and can get an outstanding look in no time.

Chiffon and NylonImage Source: pinimg

3. Silk Fabric

You might be wondering, how silk can be a better fabric option for the rains? There are different kinds of silk available in the market which have their own advantages. Silk mixed with cotton and light-weight ones which are crepe are the ones which you can wear during the rainy season. The reason is taht during these times, it tends to stay straight, dry and fresh. Therefore, for both men and women, silk is quite a good option.

 Silk FabricImage Source: shopify

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4. Stay Cool with Denims

Denim might not be that comfortable fabric, but it can be worn during the rainy season. You can resist slush and muck by wearing denim in the rainy season. If you want to tackle the mud, you can go for knee-length denim capris. Usually stains are more visible on cotton capris therefore, it is always advisable to wear denims instead of cotton, as stains are not-so-visible on it. So, play smartly with your wardrobe in order to stay cool and dry during monsoon!

Stay Cool with DenimsImage Source: anthropologie

5. Stay Comfortable with Mul Fabric

It is equally effective as cotton and yet is a softer fabric than cotton. In India, Mul suits and sarees are quite popular. Many women wear cholis which are made out of mul, and yes, they look amazing. This monsoon, you can wear your favorite long kurtis with mul dupattas, instead of those salwar suits. Wearing these types of outfits will not only make you look stunning but will keep your comfort and style both in place.

 Stay Comfortable with Mul FabricImage Source: dhresource

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6. Handloom Fabric To Keep Yourself Cool and Dry this Rainy Season

You can wear handloom fabrics and can keep yourself cool and dry in the rainy season. In Kolkata, you can find several popular handloom sarees. This monsoon, by wearing traditional weaves like khadi, you can not only keep yourself dry, but can gain appreciative glances as well. If you want to go desi this monsoon, then go with handloom fabrics!

Handloom Fabric To Keep Yourself Cool and Dry this Rainy SeasonImage Source: fashionlady

Try out these fabrics and stay cool and dry in the rainy season.

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