For Indian kitchens, garlic is one of the most important ingredients. Curries and gravies taste so much better when garlic is added to it. And why only the Indian curries almost everything tastes better with a little bit of garlic in it. But along with the great taste comes the tiring job of peeling the garlic. Those who cook often with garlic can definitely relate to what I am talking about. So, if you want to save yourself some effort and make your life try these tricks to peeling garlic quickly. Here are the 5 easiest ways to peel a garlic.

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1. The first way to peel garlic quickly is by vigorously shaking the garlic. To do this you need a box with a lid. Put the garlic cloves in the box and put the lid on. Now shake the box vigorously. The shaking will separate the husk from the garlic, thus making it easier for you to peel it.

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2. Another way to remove the peel of a garlic is by microwaving the garlic. For this trick, put the garlic cloves in a microwave-safe bowl or jar and then place the garlic in the microwave for 20-30. This will make it easier for you to remove the peel from the garlic.

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3. But we do understand that not everybody owns a microwave and for them, we have an alternative. When you don’t have access to a microwave you can roast the garlic on the stove top. When the skin gets charred it will get easier to remove.

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4. This method that I am going to share next is used by professional chefs all the time. Take a garlic clove and place your knife flat on it. Carefully flatten the garlic by applying pressure on the knife with your palm. Now you can easily remove the peel off the garlic.

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5. The last method is also very simple. All you have to do is soak the garlic in a bowl filled with water for one hour. After one hour, remove the garlic from the water and press the cloves one by one with your hand to separate the peel. Now just remove the peel easily.

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