Round, hour glass, pear, apple or slim? Your body type is scientifically inculcated to classify your body’s shape and other measurements. Slim, athletic, voluptuous…it is all categorized using several physical traits! So ladies, ain’t it a good idea to judge your body type? Anyway, the realistic approach behind it is to understand which part of your body needs special attention to lose extra kilos! Read on…this blog is gonna help you find out your body type to get the most out of it!!

Apple Shaped Body

If you are tiny from the waist and the lower area and comparatively heavy from the top, then ladies….you have a have shaped body! Broader shoulder, heavy top are the other signs of having an apple shaped body!!

Fitness: Girl, you need to focus on the arms, chest and stomach…these are the part where fats tend to accumulate the most!

Clothes: Always make sure to take the focus away from the heavier areas. You should always avoid wearing deep cleavage top….well fitted jeans with high neck collars can give a slimmer look.

Pear Shaped Body

Girls having a pear shaped body are generally smaller on the top and larger on the bottom. You tend to gain fats around thighs and hips.

Fitness: You need to focus on building upper body strength to create an illusion of having an hour glass body!

Clothes: Wear light colored clothes on the top while dark colored bottoms.

Round Body Type

Most of the fat is accumulated near the bust and tummy area, thighs and hips. They generally complain about weighty issues.

Fitness: Girls having a round body type is shall take every precaution to lose weight or else they will end up being obese. So, start spot targeting to even out your body form.

Clothes: It is best to wear single colored clothes from head to toe to give an illusion of well structured body. Knee length skirts can work wonders for you as well.

So ladies, pick your body type and try the aforementioned tips to feel a noticeable change in you!

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