Being in a relationship is a beautiful thing. And the initial days of a relationship are the most memorable one. But with the time many things change and so the people. People nowadays are juggling between busy work schedules and normal life which clearly indicates that towards the lost spark in a relationship. So, to overcome this we have listed some ways to make your man fall in love with you all over again.

1. Make romantic gestures

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Women can also make romantic gestures by gifting flowers or any other stuff to surprise  their partners. It is not just reserved for men. You can also send a random gift to his workplace to surprise him and be assured of an instant attention from your partner.

2. Appreciate him

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Do you also suggest your partner change some of his habits that annoy you? But do remember that these same habits made you fall for him. So, instead of changing him try to accept him the way he is. In this way, he will love you back even more.

3. Spend time with him

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If your partner has a day off and you are working, try to skip work and stay at home to spend some quality time with him. This simple move will show that he is your priority. Cook his favorite meal and do other things that he loves. This simple move of yours will be definitely noticed by your partner and will make him fall in love with you more.

4. Show that you still love him

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Sometimes, because of the busy and hectic schedules couples are not able to express their feelings towards each other. But it is important to express your feelings towards your partner  and make them realize that you still love him.

5. Give him some space

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Some girlfriends are very possessive about their boyfriends. If you are also the one who never allows your partner to have a night out with his friends, well it’s the time to change. Give your partner some space this simple act of yours will show your trust towards him.

6. Try to be the older you

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Try to be back to the older you as there a lot of things that you partner liked about the older you. He might like the independent and strong woman inside you which has become a bit clingy and emotional after entering the relationship. So, bring back the older you and see him falling for you all over again.

7. Give him your attention

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This is a sure shot way to make him fall in love with you all over again. When you more attention towards him when you are with your friends, makes him feel that he is special and important.

8. Respect his likes and dislikes

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Always respect your partner’s likes and dislikes and avoid doing those things that he doesn’t like. And if he asks you to dress up in a particular way then listening to him makes him happy and also shows your respect towards him. Sometimes sacrificing little things can help you a lot.

So, these were the few ways to make your man fall in love with you.


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