Lipstick Under My Burkha, a movie that showcases the life of four common women, who want to live up their dreams with freedom against the silly societal norms. This movie has been through endless controversies but thanks to the makers and actors who stood up and finally we were able to witness such amazing movie on the silver screen.

Though Lipstick Under My Burkha doesn’t break any stereotypes neither it showed how a woman is ill-treated for being a female nor it showed how women suffer from the various injustice of the society. You might be thinking that I’m criticizing the movie. But I’m not. Because this movie has much more than we thought.

Lipstick Under My Burkha is a brave attempt to display how a woman chases her desires and dreams and how she gets knocked down by reality and still dares to dream again. The main focus of the movie is well versed in the song Le Li Jannwhich goes like 12 takke byaaj pe, hassi hai udhar ki which defines taxed independence.

Here is the list of moments from the movie which makes it so special:

1. The scene during which Rehana says “Humari Azaadi Se Aap Itna Darte Kyun Hai?”

Rehana’s character in the movie is a conservative Muslim girl who wants to live her life like other girls. And this scene she questions against the so called social norms where people have a problem with the clothes and makeup that women wear.

2. When Leela wanted to become a successful business woman

This scene where this lady named Leela wanted to start her business on her own without any help. Was that something too much to ask for? You yourself think and decide.

3. When aged Usha accepts her sexual desires

Usha plays a character of a lady who desires for sex, post fifty. This movie has focused on the desire of an aged lady who still fantasizes about sex. And it’s nothing wrong because just like hunger and thirst it is also a basic need of humans.

4. In a scene where Shirin purchases swim suit for Usha

This scene clearly defines that women are not each other’s enemies.

5. When Leela had to make a choice between love and better future

Most of the times we make choices on the basis of what’s best for us rather than what we actually want. And this is the point which is explained through this scene maturely.

6. When Rehana dares to love

Rehana being a conservative Muslim woman, dares to fall in love with a guy knowing the fact that she might not end up with him. Still, this girl gathered the courage to be with the guy she loves.

7. Scene where Shirin accepts her promotion

Shirin is a woman who is the bogged down with a male chauvinistic husband. And in this scene knowing the fact that her husband is a complete jerk she accepts her promotion for her self-satisfaction.

8. Scene where Usha enjoys phone sex

This scene clearly shows that a woman, post fifty too can have sexual desires and it’s completely fine. Why can’t people stand with the fact that a woman can also desire to have sex? Is it that much difficult to understand?

9. When Shirin confronts her MCP husband’s girlfriend

Although Shirin knows the fact that her husband is really not for her, she still follows her heart and confronts his girlfriend knowing the consequences.

10. And the last scene

In the last scene where they all are sitting on the floor with their shattered dreams, they still dared to dream with the hope that one day they will be fulfilled.

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