Weight loss is not that difficult if you know the right exercises. If you are someone who is trying to lose weight, then you should get it straight in your head that you cannot lose weight by target training. In order to lose weight, you have to include cardio in your workout routine. And for all the people who thought that cardio is just restricted to jogging and running let me enlighten you that there are a lot of choices for you when it comes to cardio workout. Not only these are effective in losing weight but are also a lot of fun to perform. So what are you waiting for? Get your workout clothes and shoes ready and get yourself in action.

1. Jogging- Jogging is considered as one of the easiest and most ideal exercise for anyone seeking weight loss. The exercise gets almost every part of your body worked up, get your heart beat up and burns calories, which eventually leads to weight loss.

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2. Kettlebell- All the exercise done with a kettlebell are complete body workouts, which means that they get your entire body in action. The exercise moves that you do with a kettlebell are very much different from the isolation exercises which target just one part of the body such as crunches.

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3. Circuit training- Circuit training is a hybrid of aerobics combined with resistance training. This one is a very high-intensity workout routine which gets your entire body pumped up. The exercises are performed very much in the same manner as a circuit works, one after another with almost negligible resting period in between two moves.

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4. Swimming- For those who can swim or loves swimming can go for swimming. Swimming is a great cardio workout and the best part about it is that you can have fun while you are working out. Just by swimming freestyle you can burn up to 350 calories in just half an hour and that too without sweating.

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5. Rope skipping- You don’t necessarily have to go out to the gym in order to lose weight. You can also lose weight from the comfort of your home as well. All you need is a jump rope. Rope skipping is also a very high-intensity workout and gets your heart rate very high. All you need is 10 -15 minutes of your busy schedule and you can easily shed some pounds.

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6. Kickboxing- Kickboxing is mainly known for improving the cardiovascular fitness. As compared to other popular cardio workouts such as cycling, running, etc. this one gets each and every muscle of your body moving, especially your core muscles. Though it is not just as popular as other workouts but it is certainly a better choice if you want to grow stronger while losing weight.

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7. Zumba- Zumba is a combination of high tempo aerobic and interval training performed with music in the form of a dance routine. If you don’t really like to exercise in the gym, then Zumba is perfect for you. it is a workout routine but it does not feel like you are working out. The best part is that you can lose up to anywhere between 400-600 calories depending on your weight, fitness level, gender along with other physical aspects.

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8. HIIT- HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training sessions usually last for only 15-20 minutes, but during this time your body is in motion at all times. The HIIT involves a mixture of high-intensity moves as well as low-intensity exercises. HIIT training is best when performed alternatively with other workout routines.

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9. Stair training- Staircase workout as the name suggests is the workout routine which is performed on stairs. This workout works on improving your cardiovascular stamina along with toning your lower body workout. You may find it a little tiring when you start with it but eventually you’ll get used to it.

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