This Janmashtami we celebrate the spirit of true and eternal love of Radha-Krishna. And this Radha-Krishna Story has always been teaching us since ages. These names are the one which cannot be taken without the other. Since so many centuries, we know that they are incomplete without each other. Their immortal story gave a new definition to love. And modern couples can also learn a lot from the epic Radha-Krishna story.

Here are the few life lessons that modern couples can learn from Radha-Krishna love story:

1. Devotion for partner

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Radha is the avatar of Goddess Shakti who is believed to be a passionate devotee of Lord Krishna. And when the Natkhat Krishna used to play the flute, Radha used to get mesmerized and left everything and danced around him. If you also love someone, then remain devoted towards your partner like Radha.

2. Always have patience

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It is believed that Goddess Radha was older than Lord Krishna and she didn’t open her eyes till he was born. This kind of love needs a lot of determination and patience. And from this Radha-Krishna story, modern couples can learn how to patiently handle the things that sometimes cause fights and difficult situations in a relationship. Because a relationship is all about understanding each other.

3. Let your love be your strength

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Lord Krishna was the eighth avatar Lord Vishnu and he got all his strength from Radha. There were so many Gopis who were ready to be with Lord Krishna but he lost his heart to Goddess Radha who was by his side during his entire stay in Vrindavan. And from this, we can learn to completely rely on our partners and make them our strength rather than weakness.

4. Connect with your partner

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Goddess Radha was a true soulmate of Lord Krishna. According to the story when Lord Krishna went into the river Yamuna to kill Kaliya Naag, Radha was the only person who was ready to die to save his beloved Lord Krishna. And such emotions can be felt only when you have a deep connection with your partner.

5. Sacrifice in love

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And lastly, learn the meaning of true love. If you love someone, then it is not necessary to be with them always. And this what every couple should learn from Radha-Krishna story.

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