Pune is known to be the fittest city of our nation. The reason behind is their strict fitness regimes and their dedication for it. They make staying fit, fun and easy, and that is why it feels more like an adventure than a burden.

Being an ex-Punekar, I can say that there is something special in the environment of that historic city. And I couldn’t think of one person, who is not dedicated to stay fit in the fitness hub.

From the Pune Diaries, I have a few tips that can make your fitness easy and fun to practice, and you can get the body of your dreams too! Simply remember, the best way to stay fit is to incorporate happiness in your life and no better time than summers to start your fitness routine seems better than this.

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Here are 10 fun and easy ways in which you can stay fit.

1. Take Up A Summer Sports Activity

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Beach volleyball, football, cricket, or even cycling sounds like a good summer sport to burn off those extra calories from your body. engage in any summer sport or physical activity and enjoy the heat by sweating it off.

2. Run For A Mile Everyday

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An early morning run around nature is best for your body, or even a late evening jog helps too. Simply set a playlist that would last for a mile long and that will help you get more comfortable. If you can’t go outside, then put on a mile-long video and walk around in your home.

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3. Brisk Walking For Beginners

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Plug in your earphones and put on some fast-paced music that will help you walk faster and swifter. This helps to increase the body’s metabolism and burn fat faster.

4. Walk Around In Office For Small Breaks

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Physical exercise or simply moving around is essential for the people who follow a sedentary lifestyle. Make you get up and walk around for a few minutes every 4-5 hours.

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5. Stretching To The Limit

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Your muscles lose up when you stretch your body, and it is best that you do the stretching before starting your workout routines.

6. Stairways To Heaven(ly) Body

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This is the best possible exercise, without actually having to do any workout. Taking stairs at every chance you get, either while climbing up your building or your office. Skip the elevator and climb the stairs for a healthier and fit body.

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7. Make Your Meals Colorful

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What you eat is what is shown on your skin and health. Make sure to include a lot of colorful veggies and fruits in your daily diets. Your body functions properly and fits when you eat healthy.

8. Make That Weekend Party Lighter

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There are various ways to make your weekend fun apart from drinking only. you can swap it for fun movie marathons or board games too. Too much drinking leads to dehydration and disturbs your sleeping patterns too.

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9. Sweat It Out At Home

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Have you never heard that a little workout id better than no workout at all? Well, you know it now. so get up from that bed or couch and start to sweat it out at home, if you don’t feel like dressing up and going to the gym.

10. Try That Beauty Sleep Of Minimum 8 Hours

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Sleeping helps your body to relax and give time to restore your strength to function properly. Believe it or not, proper sleep improves your metabolism too.

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And most important of all, stay active! Do anything physical instead of just sitting around and dwelling on your miseries! Embrace your life’s beauty, by staying fit and healthy. Focus on simple goals and everything will become easier.

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