One day more and you will be celebrating the festive occasion specially meant for the married couple. Frankly, Karva Chauth makes me notice the happy and glowing faces of women and their hubbies all around the city! This occasion is just for a day but actually it involves a lot I didn’t have the slightest idea about until recently. Well, the most obvious among them is fasting for the whole day. Seems more like a diet plan but it’s actually a prayer pleading the god to give a long life to their husband.  Obviously, that the couples married for a longer time are more used to this. As for the newer ones, it will be an excitement beyond bounds.

No matter for how many years you have been celebrating the same occasion, you get a chance to do it better every time.

Here are some things you can try this Karva Chauth to make it even more memorable.

 Fast right:

Quite an easy one, so to speak! Fasting right, keeping your stomach empty for the whole day, how’s it possible? It is, if you have enough energy to carry on the rituals after your husband comes home and break the fast. Have “sargi” at around four in the morning. This way you can avoid the lethargic feeling and stay energized. Come on! The occasion calls out for prayer and dedication. Make your husband realize how much devoted you are towards his well being.

Be choosy with the outfit:

Certainly, now isn’t the time to experiment with a maverick dressing sense! Your look should be a perfect traditional one, so choose an ethnic outfit which fits best for the occasion. Try a light-shade Anarkali gown or a dark coloured, preferably blue Anarkali suit. Chooridaars and kurtis too are good choices. Well, if you are not okay with any of these, pick a designer saree or lehnga. Sarees and lehngas can be simply rocking for a traditional occasion like this.

Look beautiful:

You can’t have that “It’s only my husband” attitude when your looks for this occasion are concerned! Your hubby loves you the way you are, but don’t you want to make him feel special on that auspicious day? The best way to do that is to show-up in front of him in the prettiest look possible. You should pamper your skin properly. You can even get a facial done one or two days before this occasion. Wear makeup liberally, but make sure you don’t look as if you’re caked in it.

 “Karva chauth” is not just an annual tradition but also a moment which strengthens the bond between you and your partner. Celebrate it in the best way possible every year, so that it gets stamped in your heart forever as a sweet memory!

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