Makeup sometimes is a very tricky process and consumes a lot of time. But there are certain basic things that one should keep in mind while applying makeup. Not everyone knows the perfect way to apply and choose the product. So, in this article, we are going to share some basic makeup hacks that one should know.

1. Always apply eyeshadow before foundation

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Most of the people are confused about how to apply eyeshadow. Well, the answer is before applying foundation. Because when you apply eyeshadow there are chances that flecks will fall on your face which is impossible to remove sometimes from the foundation you have applied. But if you apply it at first, then it would be easy to wipe it off.

But there is a trick through which you can remove the eyeshadow from the already applied foundation. Take some scotch tape and apply pressure on the areas where flecks are visible. This trick helps in removing the excess shadow.

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2. Don’t forget about primer

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Primer is a glue-like substance that holds the makeup on your face for longer hours. It also smoothens your skin surface and lowers the shine caused by the sebum. And the thing to remember, always apply the primer after applying moisturizer.

The best way to apply primer:

• Take some primer almost equal to the quantity of 50 paise coin.
• Warm it up by rubbing it with your middle and ring finger of both hands.
• Now, massage it all over your face for a minute.
• Then, wait for 5 minutes and then apply foundation.

3. Apply foundation which almost matches your skin tone.

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Whenever you go to purchase the foundation make sure you go in the natural avatar. As the consultant will not be able to judge which foundation will suit you best if you have a face full of makeup. And a thing to remember always purchase the foundation after testing it on the jawline. For maintaining the hygiene use sponge and brush for its application.

4. Don’t forget to apply loose powder

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Nobody likes the shiny mess of the liquid foundation especially when you are attending a special occasion. And many ladies forget to apply loose powder after applying the liquid foundation to seal the makeup which results in melting of makeup. So, don’t forget this simple step.

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5. Don’t use mascara which is three months old

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The mascara tube that you use is more likely to affected by the airborne bacteria. This happens when you take out the mascara wand the bacteria stuck on the wand and becomes their breeding ground. So, if you are using a mascara from three months or longer just dump it ASAP.

6. Remove your makeup before sleeping

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It is found that sleeping with makeup is very bad for the skin as there are chances of clogged pores that won’t let your skin to breathe and can cause spots on your skin. So, always remove your makeup by using a makeup remover before going to bed.

So, try on these makeup hacks and look your best.

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