Product Claims

Maybelline Color Show is brand new range of nail shades that comprise a total of 40 colors to choose from. This cool and stylish line of paints lets you stay you right in vogue with its unique gel-based formula and color popping pigments. This stupendous range also comes in quite an affordable price.

Price Comparison

This awesome spectrum of smart shade is available at a cool price Rs. 75 each.

My Experience

There are times when out of ordinary, something extra-ordinary pops out and sweeps the ground off your feet. I had the similar experience with Maybelline Color Show Nail Paint. Two months back I was on the lookout of some different and eccentric shades as I was completely bored of the nail paint I had been using. A casual visit to a cosmetic shop nearby made me to enquire about Maybelline Color Show Feisty Fuchsia 213 shade and I was shocked to hear its price of only Rs. 75 as all the shades that I have used so far ranged more than a 100 bucks. I instantly bought that and decided to use it for my friend’s birthday party next day.

As I was applying, its smooth finish was simply adorable. When I wore that to the party, the compliments that I got were mind-blowing. Many of my friends asked about it and some already knew about it.

The results are just outstanding and I simply love the product. I will definitely be trying out its many different shades and would like to happily recommend to all the fashion freaks.

Photos and Swatches

Maybelline Color Show-1

Maybelline Color Show-3

Maybelline Color Show-6

Maybelline Color Show-5

What I liked about the Product?

  • Its awesome result and smooth finish are simply mesmerizing.
  • Its myriad range of shades help me to create stupendous nail art
  • The best thing I liked about is its staying power. For me, it stayed like for a cool couple of days.
  • This nail paint is chip-resistant which is incredible.
  • Last but not the least; its price is just fantastic. I mean to get such an exotic nail shade in an affordable price is awe-inspiring.

What I didn’t like about the Product?

  • Sometimes the brush takes in more color than required which leads to wastage.

 Overall, this newest range is one of the best products launched by Maybelline and is great to use for girls for all ages. Also, the product is easily available at some of the best online stores. So don’t wait and grab one for yourself!

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