Too much of anything can be harmful and beauty products are no different. In fact, the ill effects are too obvious since most of these products are loaded with chemicals. But these ill effects can be avoided by restricting their usage. Here are some of the beauty products you need to use wisely.

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1. Scrubs- Scrubs are a must have in your skincare routine, both for the skin and the body. A scrub helps in getting rid of the dead skin cells and kicks in the regeneration of new cells. This gives your skin a younger appearance. But if you start using it too often then it can lead to skin irritation, dryness, acne and skin sensitivity. In severe cases, it may also lead to deep scarring. Thus, you must use it wisely. Once or twice a week is more than enough.

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2. False lashes- False lashes may add an oomph factor to your eyes and make them appear bigger. But for those who wear them on a daily and regular basis, please be careful. Wearing false lashes may make you original lashes fall off. This is due to the glue that you put on them. try to reserve false lashes for special occasions only and on regular days you can use a good quality fibre mascara.

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3. Hair products- When I am talking about hair products, it not only includes your hair spray, hair gel and mousse but also your everyday shampoo and conditioner. Products that are too heavy and just cling to your hair can weigh them down and lead to hair fall, dry and brittle hair. Restrict the use of these products to a bare minimum, especially the styling products.

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4. Bleach- Bleaching may seem like an easy option when you want to get rid of tan, lighten up your spots and to get an even complexion. Though it works an effective skin lightener, but you should also not forget that bleaches are loaded with harmful chemicals which can cause severe damage your skin in the long run. Instead of bleach, you can use a lot of other natural ingredients for achieving the same results.

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5. Lip balms- Lip balm is our go to rescue product for dry and chapped lips. But if you are using too much of these, especially the medicinal ones that you might be causing more harm than good to your lips. Using lip balms too often may increase the dependency of our lips on this product and when you are not using it, your lips will become even drier than before.

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