This palak paneer bhurji recipe is a hybrid of paneer bhurji and palak paneer. You get the texture of paneer bhurji and the taste is very similar to palak paneer. It is a great recipe to try if you are looking for something new. You can serve this with chapatti, bread or rice. Here is a step by step recipe of the palak paneer bhurji.


  • Paneer- 200 grams (crumbled)
  • Spinach/palak- 2 cups (Chopped)
  • Cumin/jeera- /2 tsp.
  • Bay leaf/tej patta- 1
  • Onion- 1, medium (Chopped)
  • Tomato- 2, medium (Chopped)
  • Ginger garlic paste- ½ tsp.
  • Green chilli- 2, slit
  • Red chilli powder- ¼ tsp.
  • Garam masala- ¼ tsp.
  • Oil- 2 tbsp.
  • Salt- as per taste


  1.  Heat oil in a pan or kadhai. Add cumin and bay leaf to it. Sauté the spices until fragrant.
  2.  Add the finely chopped onions and cook until golden brown in colour.
  3.  Add ginger garlic paste and cook until the raw aroma fades away.
  4.  Now add the green chilli and chopped tomatoes. Mix well and cook until the tomatoes are soft and mushy.
  5.  Add the red chilli powder and the turmeric and cook until the onion tomato masala looks cooked.
  6.  Add the chopped spinach leaves and cover the pan. Cook the spinach on a low flame until the spinach has wilted completely.
  7.  Once the spinach has wilted remove the lid and cook until all the water from the pan has evaporated.
  8.  Add the crumbled paneer and mix well.
  9.  Now season with salt and sprinkle garam masala. Cook for 2-3 minutes on a low flame. Turn off the flame.
  10.  Serve the palak paneer bhurji with roti, paratha, bread or rice.
palak-paneer-bhurji1Image Source: bongong

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