Want to get the respect of your cunning boss? Get your nail polish right girl, take it seriously and make him take you seriously too! Want the respect of your seniors then you better touch up that lipstick!

Yes ladies! Not you but it is your makeup and your style that will help you grab that job opportunity. Believe it or not, but it’s the gloss on your lips that will help you bang that interview. Hard to believe, I know! But, guess what? It is true and pure as 24- carat gold!

Read on and unveil the interesting facts that reveal our persona!

End to Split Ends

It is a sign of your laziness. Who would love to keep a female who bears those rarely noticeable split ends? Your split ends may strike the question in the mind of the employer that whether or not you are a right candidate for this job as that job may require punctuality and efficiency which, seeing your split ends he will understand that it is hard for you.

Ban that Tan

Tan is directly related to beach fun! You think you look sexy with that brown tinge on your body, yes you do but your boss may not think so. His thinking process will go straight to the amount of leaves you will take or your hoards of excuses to get them (to go to a beach party). Remember that advertisement in which applying fairness cream makes you a famous celebrity or a news anchor? Same goes here. Fairness rules and deep tan is a thumb down.

Grudge the Smudged Mascara

Your smudged mascara may lead you, in the eyes of your employer, as a party animal, irrespective of the fact that you may not be the one. What kind of lame thinking is that? I mean, does he know that how difficult it is to get that perfect mascara which does not SMUDGE??!!

Less Makeup Mess

Dudette, natural doesn’t stand anywhere. Employers think that we are less on makeup because we are emotional. OMG! Does that mean that ladies who are high on makeup are the ones with all the happiness of the world?  Funny it is, certainly!

Stick Lipstick Blotch

You have lipstick on your teeth and sitting for an interview? Girl, it is a sign of carelessness, hails employers. And this reduces your chances of being employed.

Chipped Nail Paint

It is the worst beauty blunder in the eyes of the employer. If you have them and are out for an interview then it will be best for you to not go for it instead. You won’t get this job even if you go. Chipped nail polish is a sign of nervousness and unpreparedness, they say!

Nearing the end, I really think that employers can pursue an alternative career as a makeup reader like the ones who tell the fortune reading tea leaves!

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