Whenever you spot a grey hair, what do you feel? Do you feel like running for scissors to cut it off? Many people believe that when you pluck a grey hair, two more grey hair arise. Let’s explore how true it is. Or is it just another prevalent myth?

Cosmetic science has proved that when you pluck a hair, there’s no chance of other hair growing at that place. They say that some people can even get black hair in place of the grey hair they plucked.

This happens due to the process called melanogenesis. This process is responsible for melanin which is responsible for imparting colour to our hair.

1. Myth: Your Hair Can Turn Grey Overnight
Too much of stress can also cause grey hair. But this happens in a sequence which can be cured with the correct treatment. Though some people believe that this happens overnight. But then again, if the experts are to be believed, they say nothing as such can ever happen. This is just a superstition.

grey hair

2. Myth: Washing Hair Daily Can Cause Grey Hair
This is yet another myth that washing hair daily can cause grey hair. It was invented just to make the children afraid of getting their hair grey and not washing their hair daily. However, there is no scientific evidence to validate this myth.

Plucking Grey Hair 2

3. Myth: Blow Drying Your Hair Can Cause Premature Greying
This is not at all true. You must be already aware of the fact that your parents often avoid you to blow dry your hair. However, it is true that blow drying hair can cause a lot of damage to them. But hair getting grey due to that, we can’t be sure about that.

Happy Young Woman Blow Drying Hair In Bathroom

There are some other reasons of premature greying of hair:

1. Lack of Melanin Pigment
Melanin pigment is responsible for the natural black colour of our hair. Deficiency of melanin can cause greying of hair. Eat healthy food rich in protein and vitamins to avoid melanin deficiency.

Plucking Grey Hair 4

2. Stress
There’s literally no one who’s free from stress. But it is easy to combat stress. Focus your attention and do the things which make you happy. Take offs and leaves. Adopt the health lifestyle for the stress-free mind.

Stressed woman in office

3. Genetic Problem
Genetic issues can be detected and treated on time. However, it is not possible to treat them completely. But if you take medications regularly, then your hair can be healthy.

Grey hair

4. Overuse of Hair Products
Always make sure that the products you’re using on your hair are safe. Check out for the chemicals in your shampoo and conditioner. These chemicals can cause premature greying of hair. Don’t use these products every other day.

Plucking Grey Hair 7

5. Side Effects of Medication
Find out the side effects of the medicines before consuming them. If the medication you’re taking causes premature greying of hair, talk to your doctor about it.

Plucking Grey Hair 8

6. Other Reasons
Overeating junk food, smoking and drinking, etc. can also cause grey hair. Over-sedentary lifestyle can also contribute to bad hair health. So be active and take some help from Yoga.

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