Baking a cake is not always about ovens and a lot of mess, but there is a simple way that you can make a delicious mouthwatering cake at home. Including simple ingredients for the recipe and fruits and dry fruits for the decoration and adding flavors, you can bake a soft and tender cake in a pressure cook as well.

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• 3 cups of All-Purpose Flour (Maida)
• 2 Eggs, beaten
• 2 teaspoon of Baking Soda
• 2 teaspoon of Vanilla Essence
• 2 cup of powdered Sugar
• 1 cup of Butter
• 2 cups of Milk


1. Take a deep bowl and pour butter and sugar in it. Whisk them both well to make it a light and fluffy mixture.
2. Now add the beaten add into the whisked mixture and beat it again until the mixture starts to get whiter and lighter.
3. Now take another bowl and add Maida & baking soda into it. Mix them well together and add it to the whisked egg mixture.
4. Now add milk and lightly mix them all together.
5. Then add the vanilla essence and blend again.
6. Next, take a baking tin and grease it well. sprinkle some all-purpose flour into the greased tin to prevent the cake from sticking to the base of the tin. Or you can use a butter paper first and then follow the greasing process.
7. Now pour the prepared cake batter into the greased baking tin and level it well.
8. Then place an inverted steel plate in the pressure cooker to place the baking tin on it. (avoid direct contact of the baking tin with the cooker’s surface and do not add water in the base of the cooker as well)
9. Now place the baking tin inside the pressure cooker and cover the lid. Now turn the flame on high.
10. Pressure cook for the next 2 minutes and remove the whistle afterwards.
11. Now let it cook for the next 35-40 minutes without disturbing it.
12. Test if the cake is done using a steel knife or a metal skewer, if it comes out clean then your cake is ready.
13. Allow it to cool on a wire rack after you take it out of the pressure cooker, and decorate as per your taste or berries and dry fruits.

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