We all know the hazardous effects of smoking on health but still, lots of people smoke every day and most of them just find the innumerable reasons to smoke. But dozens of health warnings being issued around every day , people are getting aware of the harmful effects of smoking. However, though it seems ’this simple’, it’s not ‘that simple’ to kick the addiction. Following tips and suggestions will definitely come handy and effective if you’re determined to quit smoking

Set a Date to Quit

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Make up your mind and decide a date to quit smoking and try not changing your mind. Your selected date shouldn’t be too far in the future. Don’t stop smoking abruptly on the given date. Gradually lower the intake of smoking and stop on your set date.

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Use NRT’s (Nicotine Replacement Therapy)

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Only 6% of people give up smoking without the use of NRT’s, medication or therapy. A person can use the FDA certified NRT’s as they reduce the craving for nicotine and also helps with withdrawal symptoms. There are several kinds of NRT’s such as skin patches, lozenges, nasal spray, inhaler and chewing gum. But before consuming or applying NRT’s, consult your healthcare professional.

Use Non-Nicotine Medication to Quit Smoking

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There are two kinds of medications available in the market, varenicline (Chantix)and bupropion (Zyban). Both play a vital role in quitting the smoking.

– Bupropion could be consumed in 12 tablets in a week, it affects the chemical in the brain and reduces the craving for nicotine. The risk of smoking relapse is reduced in 3-6 months.

– Varenicline interferes in the reception of nicotine and reduces withdrawal symptoms and if a person uses it religiously then, within 12 weeks they can expel the habit of smoking from their life.

#Of course, consult your physician for any kind of advice on the ingestion of the same.

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Seek Behavioral Support

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The emotional and physical support is must when you are trying to quit smoking. Behavioral support could range from written information to the personal and group- counseling sessions on call or online. These services will help you to stop smoking:

1) Smoking Helpline: 1-877-44U-QUIT (1-877-448-7848)
2) Local and State Quitlines: 1- 800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669)
3) https://smokefree.gov/smokefreetxt

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Quit Smoking Alternative Therapies

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Though it is not proved or there is no evidence that these methods will sure shot help you quit smoking but alternative therapies will certainly help you to reduce the intake of nicotine dose. These therapies include:

1) Smoking Deterrents
2) E-cigarettes
3) Nicotine lollipop & lip balms
4) Yoga
5) Tobacco strips & sticks

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