Good news for rice lovers! Now you don’t have to play hide and seek with a bowl full of rice. Many weight-conscious women confess that they have not even touched rice since a couple of years. Why so hard on yourself?

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It is evident that the starch content of the rice makes the weight watchers steer clear of it. But how will you feel if I tell you that there is a trick; you can eat rice without getting fat! This is no hoax. There is a cooking technique that reduces the calories in a bowl of rice by up to 50%!

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Few researchers in Sri Lanka have devised a new way of cooking rice which will retain the taste of rice while lowering the calorific value. So here are the simple steps by which you can convert the evil white rice into something light and tasty.

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Boil some water in a vessel. Add some coconut oil. The quantity of coconut oil should be 3% of the rice you’ll be cooking. For example, if you’re cooking half a cup of rice, add one teaspoon full of coconut oil. When the rice is cooked, keep the vessel in the refrigerator for 12 hours. Don’t consume it immediately. Now take the rice out after 12 hours. Heat it and eat.

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How Does This Trick Work?
Not all the starches are same. There are some simple starches that take the comparatively lesser time to be digested. Glycogen, when stored in our body causes the weight gain. So the energy has to be burnt out in some way to get rid of glycogen. There are some resistant starches which are neither converted into glucose nor glycogen. Our body lacks the proper function to break the resistant starch down. Therefore, they have lower calorific value. So, this cooking method involved the reduction of digestible starch from the rice.

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The composition of rice can be twisted by adding a lipid (coconut oil here) before cooking rice. The oil alters the composition of starch in the rice and cooling it down promotes the conversion of starches.

So are you going to cook the rice in the same old way?

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