Dark circles are like nightmares for every girl. They can make you look tired, ill and unhealthy. You can feel conscious after seeing yourself in the mirror with dark shadows under the eyes. Dark circles may appear due to many reasons like stress, ageing, unhealthy lifestyle, nutritional deficiency, prolonged working in front of computer, lack of sleep, seasonal allergy and dehydration, etc. It’s not only the problem among women even men are also suffering from this. But don’t get worried because it is not a serious concern, you can rid them with these simple remedies:

Almond Oil: It is known as the best ingredient for epidermal layer. It not only smoothens the skin but also helps in fading away the dark shadows below your eyes. Regular use of almond oil along with Vitamin E can minimize the dark circles.

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How to use:

Apply the almond oil below your eyes and message smoothly. Leave it overnight and wash off it with cold water on the next morning. Follow the procedure daily till the dark circles diminishes.

Tomatoes: They have effective power to shrink the dark circles. It will nourish your skin also.

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How to use:

Paste of tomato juice, lemon juice and turmeric can be prepared and applied below the eyes. You can rinse it after 10 minutes.

Cucumber and mint: Known for their cooling properties, they are helpful in eliminating the dark circles.

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How to use:

Slice up the cucumber and place it on your eyes for 10 minutes.

Cotton balls dipped in mint juice can be gently rubbed on the eyes. For best results, you can leave it overnight also.

Raw Potato: Due to high content of starch, it works as a bleaching agent for the skin. It reduces the dark circle and makes your skin healthy, supple and bright. It reduces the eye bags (puffiness) formed under the eyes.

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How to use:

Use its slices by putting them over the eyes for some times. You can also apply its juice on eyes with the help of cotton ball.

Lemon Juice: Lemon is a great source of Vitamin C which helps it to lighten the skin.

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How to use:

Cotton ball dipped in lemon juice can be applied near the eyes.

You can also prepare a thick paste by mixing gram flour, lemon juice and honey. Apply it on your eyes and let it dry. After drying wash it off with cold water.

Hope! All these steps help you get rid of dark circles and you will get brightened, fresh and healthy skin.

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