India is a land of diversity. You can see a perfect concoction of various cultures and civilizations here. So if we talk about the Hindu religion, you must have seen all the married Hindu women wearing toe rings on their feet. This toe rings tradition can also be seen in Muslim culture as well. Most of the people consider it to be symbolic of a women’s marital status. But the science has a different story to tell. Do you know the scientific facts withstanding this centuries old tradition? If not then we are to make you familiar with them.

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The toe in which the toe ring is worn contains the nerve connecting our uterus. This nerve controls the functioning of our uterus. Putting pressure on this nerve have several positive impacts on our body. It also regulates our blood pressure. Along with this, toe rings also relieves stress, which regulates the menstrual cycle of a woman. Toe rings have a number of other benefits for our health. It also helps in conceiving a baby.

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According to the religious scriptures, if women wear toe rings in the toes of both the feet, then they can never face any menstrual problem in their life. Also, it ensures a healthy reproductive system in a woman. The toe rings worn by women are always made up of silver, as the silver is a good conductor of electricity. It attracts the polar energy from the earth and conducts it in our body, hence making women feel fresher.

Why Women Wear Toe Rings3Image Source: khoobsurati

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