Product Claims…

This kajal by Shahnaz Husain has rich extracts of herbs. It has got pure almond oil in it. Also, this kajal improves the growth of your sexy and beautiful eye lashes. It has triphala oil which was used ages before to improve the vision and beauty of eyes.

Price Comparison…

This kajal is priced at only 200 bucks. Girls, there is no need to make the price an issue. This kajal goes for a longer period of time and it stays well on your eyes so, it is completely worth. I do not think if you can compromise with your eyes.

My Experience…

I have been using this kajal from the past one year. Previously I wanted to use a kajal but, could not get hold of any good kajal. It was then when one of my best friends suggested Shahnaz Husain’s kajal. I started using it and you will not believe, when I applied it, I got the feeling of that natural kajal which are mothers used to make at home in our childhood. It has the fragrance of the same triphala oil. I was so amazed and happy that I would hardly any words to express it. It is simply wonderful. I have even suggested this kajal to my sisters and mother. They too like it a lot.

Photos and Swatches… 

What I love about this product…

  • Since it’s a stick so, it becomes very easy to apply.
  • It is a budget friendly kajal.
  • The kajal goes a long way. My kajal lasted for almost one year.
  • As it claims, it does strengthen and increased my eye lashes.
  • The fragrance is very natural and appealing.
  • Very handy.

What I do not like about this product…

  • This kajal does smudge. Although, I do not face that much problem but, it DOES smudge
  • The stick has sharpness but, it gradually goes away after a repeated use.
  • This kajal is little steep.

Needless to say, this is a must have kajal to highlight those sexy and beautiful eyes. Go and grab one for you before the stocks last!!

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