Shocked to hear, how ice can help you lose weight?

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Fitter body and a flat tummy are the desire of everyone. To achieve a perfect level of fitness we join gyms and start following the various fitness regime. But do they all offer the desired results? Well, we have got an amazing news for you all as we found a simple household item that can help you lose half a kilo per month. Sounds cool! Isn’t it. And this item is ice.

Yes, you heard it right. Ice can really help you lose weight. For this, you have to include ice in your regular diet to gain various benefits of it. You don’t have to change your regular diet or workouts you just need to consume ice once in a day with your regular diet.

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Here are a few benefits of eating ice and how it can help you lose weight:

1. Burns extra calories

Burns extra caloriesImage Source: deshebideshe

You won’t believe this but it’s true that ice cubes help to burn calories in your body. When you consume it, your body needs to burn some calories to melt them and to bring back your normal body temperature.

2. The 1-liter concept

The-1-liter-concept-Image Source: freepngimg

This one is really going to amaze you. If you freeze one litre of water as ice cubes and later consume it. This will help you to burn 160 calories which are almost equal to running for a few kilometres. Isn’t this amazing. Now, you can easily burn some extra calories at home.

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3. Improves metabolic rate

Improves metabolic rateImage Source: squarespace

Metabolic rate is the amount of energy needed by the body to keep it functioning position. Because eating ice cubes can help to increase your metabolic rate and hence helps in losing weight.

With some amazing benefits, ice cubes also have some side effects on our body like:

1. Affects your teeth

Affects your teethImage Source: tellyouall

Never overeat ice in order to lose weight as it affects your enamel and dentin. And if you have fillings then it is better to avoid them as it can cause an adverse effect on your teeth.

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2. Affects the functioning of organs

Affects the functioning of organsImage Source: financialtribune

If you start to consume excess ice it will cause a dip in your normal body temperatures which causes affect the functions of different organs.

3. Avoid eating ice during extreme weather

Avoid eating ice during extreme weatherImage Source: bfitter

You should try to avoid eating ice in extreme weather conditions like too much hot or cold weather. Consuming it during this climate conditions can adversely affect your health.

So, now you know how ice can help you to lose extra calories add it to your diet and don’t forget to keep the side effects in mind while consuming it on daily basis.


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