Technology has gifted us with many great things and one such invention is mobile phones. This is one of those things that we can never forget before leaving the house. And without them, we cannot imagine a whole day. But do you guys know that recent studies show that carrying mobile phones in your pocket is harmful to your health?

According to the health experts, it is unhealthy to carry mobile phones in your pockets whether it’s a shirt pocket or trousers’. Still, studies are not clear about how safe it is to be near phones.

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Here are some facts which prove that carrying mobile phones in the pocket can adversely affect your health:

1. Affects male fertility

Affects male fertilityImage Source: bfmtv

This point is very important for all the guys. According to experts if you carry a mobile phone in your trousers’ pocket then it can hit your fertility which means spermatozoa in medical terms.

2. Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile DysfunctionImage Source: improve-my-libido

If you carry a switched on mobile phone in your pocket for a long duration then you are at high risk of erectile dysfunction.

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3. Affects motility

Affects motilityImage Source: geneticliteracyproject

It is said that the radiation from the mobile phone affects the sperm count and motility. This radiation can also damage your DNA and can cause oxidative stress.

4. Risk for health

Risk for healthImage Source: fitlife

Your health is at big risk because of the radioactive signals generated from your mobile phone. When you bring them closer to your body the tissue dissolves the energy which can adversely affect your health.

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5. Risk of cancer

Risk-of-cancerImage Source: picdn

Even putting the mobile phone in your shirt’s pocket can put you at the risk of cancer.

6. Damage cells

Damage cellsImage Source: internapcdn

If you use a mobile phone for a long period of time it can damage your cells because it sends and receives signals.

So, these were a few facts by the experts that prove that carrying the mobile phone in the pocket can affect your health.


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