Every relationship has some trust issues at one or the other point of time and differs in their own ways. Some are bonded with trust and some with love. And just like love trust also takes it own time to develop. There are many things to prove whether he loves you or not. But if you want to find out whether your partner trusts you or not then read further.

Here are a few signs that show that He trusts you:

1. He doesn’t filter anything

He doesn't filter anythingImage Source: askmen

If he shares the grossest and embarrassing things with a straight face. Then, this means that he feels safe and comfortable because he trusts you.

2. He doesn’t lie to you

He doesnt lie to youImage Source: stackward

If he tells you about everything like he went out with his ex or with the person you don’t as it happens then it means that means he doesn’t want lies between him and you and wants to maintain an honest relationship.

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3. He can easily give away his phone to you

He can easily give away his phone to youImage Source: s-nbcnews

Yes, his phone is an open book to you unless there is a surprise for you. And he can give away his phone to you when you need it without any worry.

4. He counts on you when in trouble

He counts on you when in troubleImage Source: viraltalks

There are many situations in life when we need guidance from someone. And at that time, he counts on you so that you can give him a rational thought to find the solution.

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5. He’s always there for you

He's always there for youImage Source: digg

When you stand up against some decision taken by your family, friends then you will find him next you supporting you in that decision.

6. He never gets jealous

He never gets jealousImage Source: youqueen

He really understands the need for space in a relationship and respects it too. He never questions about why you were hanging out with your guy friends or become suspicious on you.

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7. He never stresses on why and what happened

He never stresses on why and what happenedImage Source: bomba

When you tell him that you want to move out of your home right now, or please pick me up from here. He doesn’t ask much questions instead he understand the seriousness and don’t waste much time.

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