Many people dream to have a fit and perfectly toned body and lose those extra weight anyhow. But most of us will agree that it is not an easy process. A lot of planning and dedication is needed to reach that level of fitness. After the workout, we all feel hungry and we are tempted towards some yummy food but you can swap them with some snacks that will make your life easy and it will not add calories to your body.

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Here is the list of snacks that you can munch post workout to shed some extra weight:

1. Green tea

Green teaimage source: .healthline

A cup of green tea is very good for your health as it is packed with antioxidants that help in boosting your metabolism and bring extra belly fat. So, it may cut the stubborn extra weight.

2. Apple

appleimage source: sites.psu

Apples contain a high content of fibre that makes it a perfect post workout snack. This fruit gives you the sense of fullness as it takes to digest as it contains the high content of fibre. Plus, it contains less number of calories and also helps in keeping the digestive tract clear.

3. Beans

Beans1image source: nutritionfacts

It is the mix of fibre and proteins that give you the sense of fullness for a long time. And it also helps in building lean muscles.

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4. Lemon water

Lemon-waterimage source: realfoodforlife

Another snack that you can’t miss upon. Lemon water is a life saver for many and when consumed on an empty stomach it boosts the metabolism. And also helps in keeping the body hydrated and also improves the digestive system.

5. Almonds

Almondsimage source: independent

Nuts contain a high content of fats which never let you have hunger pangs. On the other hand, almonds contain protein, fat, and fibre which makes it a good option for a snack. So, never mind munching on these nutty snacks.

6. Egg whites

Egg-whitesimage source: i.ytimg

They are low in fat and are cholesterol free that makes it a delicious snack on which one can munch on. It is very high in protein and makes it the best snack to eat post workout.

7. Greek yogurt

Greek-yogurtimage source: i.ytim

It is a high protein snack that one can munch on. It is said that it has double number of proteins and half number of carbs as compared to normal yogurt.


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