When the song Kaala Chashma was released, we can’t stop but watch it, Baar Baar. We couldn’t keep our eyes off from Katrina Kaif’s hot bod. It wasn’t much before when Katrina took the internet by storm with her IPL 2016 performance. Her perfectly carved waist and six-pack abs became the talk of the town. And here she, to make headlines, yet again. Her Kaala Chashma and groovy stomach just go so well in sync. But the question is, how did she manage to get those stunningly hot abs?

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Here is your answer. Pilates is the major part containing her fitness regime. She mixed it along with cardio to tone her body. Getting the abs in not a rocket science. You need dedication, perseverance and right kind of workout are all you need to get those perfectly carved abs. Her certified fitness instructor Sheetal Shah reveals some exercises that brought Katrina in this form. So here are the exercises that you need to do to get the hot bod like Katrina Kaif.

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1. Reformer Machine
If you’re gym freak, you will see this dramatic machine at your gym. It is a bed-like frame with a flat soft-bedded platform. It rolls back and forth in the limits of the frame. The carriage is adjoined to the frame with series of springs. You can set the resistance of the spring as per your capacity. The carriage consists of shoulder blocks to prevent the person from sliding off when he tries to pull or push the carriage.


Benefits: Pilates is a good abdominal exercise that requires lower back strength and pelvic stability. It strengthens your abdominal muscles, hip flexors, adductors and improves your thoracic flexibility.

2. Short Box Series
These Pilates are done with a cushioned box kept on the reformer machine. You have to hook both your ankles underneath the straps given at the footboard while sitting on the box. The exercises done on the short box are emphasised primarily on the abdominal muscles. It strengthens the abdominal muscles and stabilizes the powerhouse.


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3. Teaser Series on Cadillac
It is one of the most challenging Pilates. This exercise teases the gravity this is the reason it is known as a teaser. It works on your core muscles and improves your balance. You can perform it on a mat or on a reformer machine. The up and down movements made should be smooth and very controlled. Do these exercises under a supervision of an expert.

4. Pilates Chair
The Pilates chairs are 2 ft. tall with a footprint of 5 square feet. They are meant for stretching and strengthening the core muscle groups. It consists of a padded seat and a foot bar with springs attached. The practitioner can sit, lie or stand on the chair and push the foot bar with their hands or feet. You can perform over 28 different exercises on this single Pilates chair. In fact, a Pilates chair is tougher than a reformer in terms of physical challenges.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself enrolled in a certified gym to get the superbly carved body like Katrina Kaif.

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