We can learn so much from Bollywood and its celeb but there is one great star from which we can learn some serious relationship lessons. And this star is the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan and his love Gauri Khan. This duo is the most perfect and amazing couple in Bollywood from whom one can get inspired and overcome all the hurdles in their relationship.

Here are the five relationship lessons that one can learn from this perfect celeb jodi:

1. 30 years of togetherness

30-years-of-togethernessImage Source: fashionnstyle

This duo belongs to the tinsel town where breakups and divorces are very common nowadays.Still, Shah Rukh and Gauri share the steadiest and perfect relationship in B-town and this year they are going to celebrate their 26th anniversary in October.

2. Stood up for each other

Stood-up-for-each-otherImage Source: cdnds

No relationship is perfect in this world, those want to stay together make it perfect.Even though Shah Rukh and Gauri belonged to different regions they fought against all the odds and emerged as a perfect couple who support and understand each other not just personally but professionally too.

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3. Spending quality time

Spending-quality-timeImage Source: gala

Lack of time is one of the main reasons behind the breakup. But Shah Rukh and Gauri manage their hectic schedules and spend some quality time together with their kids. These moments are very precious for this couple.

4. Family is their first priority

Family-is-their-first-priorityImage Source: ytimg

Both Shah Rukh and Gauri are very protective for their kids. And when we talk about their family life Shah Rukh once shared during an interview that they have been together so long that they passed many stages of a relationship. And now for them passing from bedroom to living room to each other is more romantic than sitting under the moon light.

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5. Pro partners

Pro-partnersImage Source: designntrend

The duo is not just perfect partners but is also professional partners who have built their own empire and have their own production house which makes them the wealthiest couple in B-town.

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