Garlic is quite healthy for us. The active compound in garlic known as allicin has several health benefits for us. It helps in moderating the blood pressure and helps the blood vessels to relax. But there are some health conditions for which garlic is not a boon. You should avoid having garlic if you’re going through any one of these health conditions.

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1. If You’re Taking Anti-Coagulant Drugs
Garlic is known for its anticoagulant properties. If someone has circulation problems, then he is prescribed to eat garlic. But if you’re already using an anti-coagulant drug, you should skip eating garlic as it can cause excessive bleeding.

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2. If You’re Having Prescription Drugs
If you’re going through an illness and are taking prescription drugs, then don’t consume garlic without asking the doctor. It can make your prescription drugs react abnormally or the active ingredients of garlic can interfere with the action of the drugs.

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3. If You’re Suffering from Liver Problems
Garlic might interfere with the actions of few drugs meant for the liver functioning. It can also interact with other drugs as well, for example, birth control pills.

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4. If You Have Sensitive Stomach
If you fall ill by stomach way too often, then chances are that your stomach is very sensitive. Garlic can be very for your digestive system. If you have a sensitive GI tract, then you’re advised to stay away from garlic.

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5. If You’re Pregnant
Taking moderate amounts of garlic is okay. But overdosing it might be good for your taste buds but bad for your baby’s health. Mostly, doctors recommend gestating women to stay away from garlic for this 9 months’ tenure.

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6. If You Have Low Blood Pressure
If your blood pressure falls below normal on the range, then it is best for you exclude garlic from your diet. It can complicate your blood pressure issues. It can lower down your blood pressure to dangerous levels.

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