Have you ever thought that your love for the food is always the purest form of love! Yes, we understand that your mouth fills with drool after you get a wift of that mouthwatering Pani Puri or Aloo Chaat, let alone bear the sight of them and ignore!

And street food doesn’t mean that your love for pizza or burger is not pure, it is as important and as pure as it can get. But the desi-food lovers are the ones to put your hands down to.

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Let’s get connected with these 9 things if you are a street food lover just like us.

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#Those tears of joy flowing down your cheeks when you eat something spicy or that teekhi chutney, burning your tongue but you still love it anyway!

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#It’s all about that little extra taste & enjoyment, extra teekh, extra meetha, extra papdi, or extra masala!

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#Suddenly you realize the importance of newspaper for the street food sellers, and it’s great use in packing food.

#What Else? Well, the fact that nothing can turn you on better than a mere wift of those yummy hot momos or aloo tikki.

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#Your dictionary does not have ‘Proper Meals’ word in it. Instead, your food cravings are derived by the oh-so-delicious smell of the street food!

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#Catching up with your friends is just an excuse for that delicious chit-chaat-ing!

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#After a while, even the CHAAT wale bhaiya starts to prepare your regular, seeing you heading towards him form a distance!

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#But now you also have a *permanently* foxed doctor’s appointment, after those regular stomach issues!

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#And To end it with those healthy-eaters, who make you cringe every time you see them chew on that green grass and raw vegetables!

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