During summer, every woman wants to walk down the streets in their super comfy and beautiful maxi dresses. No wonder that this outfit is the most feminine and comfortable summer outfit that one can have. Investing in maxi dresses is easy, but finding the perfect one that suits your style and body type is a tough task. So, before you head down with a wrong maxi dress and make styling mistakes, we have listed some things to avoid while wearing a maxi dress.

1. Not dressing according to the occasion

Not dressing according to the occasionImage Source: pixabay

Well, you must know that there is a maxi dress for every occasion. The sleeveless and flowy ones with the prints are perfect for a casual day out with your friends. But, you can’t wear that dress to a formal meeting. For a formal meeting, you can opt for a monochrome dress. Still, if the dress is too printed and strappy, then avoiding it is a great idea.

2. Wearing wrong length dress

Wearing wrong length dressImage Source: imgix

When we talk maxi dress, they are meant to be long and flowy. But, if your maxi dress cuts off and ends above your ankle, then it could be a complete disaster. An ideal maxi dress should cut off an inch below your ankle or else it will make you look shorter and will ruin the flow of the dress.

3. Not dressing according to your body type

Not dressing according to your body typeImage Source: nymag

The key to the gorgeous look is to wear an outfit according to your body type. And if you are wearing a maxi dress then, make sure you opt for a dress that highlights those areas of your body which you are confident about and the rest is concealed by the dress. For instance, if you have a broader torso, then draw attention towards your legs by opting for a maxi dress with silts and sleeves.

4. Say no to ballerinas shoes

Say no to ballerinas shoesImage Source: ytimg

Maxi dress looks perfect when they are paired with flats and open toe heels. Wearing ballerinas shoes with a maxi dress is a big no as it breaks the flow of the dress and kills your look entirely. Try to opt for a strappy flat that complements well with your dress and also makes you look taller.

5. Avoid over accessorising

Avoid over accessorisingImage Source: ltkcdn

It is suggested that you should choose your accessories according to the style of your dress. The main aim behind this is to balance your entire look. Like if you dress reveals the neck area the most, then opt for an elegant necklace to pair it with your dress. And if you are planning to wear a sleeveless dress, then opt for a chunky bracelet.

6. No leggings

No leggingsImage Source: tqn

Yes, we agree on this that the slits of the maxi dress are too high that can lead to a malfunction. But, that does not mean that you start wearing leggings under it. You can easily handle this mishap by wearing cycling shorts under it.

7. Wearing something clingy

Wearing something clingyImage Source: shopify

No matter how fit you are, wearing a body fit maxi dress will always make you look broader. Still, if you want to wear something body-hugging, then make sure that the fabric of the cloth is not too clingy. And always avoid the fabric like spandex and lycra.

So, these were the few things you avoid while wearing a maxi dress. Keep these tips in mind and look fabulous at every occasion..

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