You obviously want to add a new flavor to your sense of fashion, don’t you? Your desire to keep up with the trend is a never-ending one. Changing your dressing according to the current fashion was a frequent practice until now. Now sunglasses have also become a part of one’s style statement.

Earlier people used sunglasses just to shield their eyes from the rays of the sun. With the course of time, sunglasses had started to become more popular among youngsters. Today there are several brands of sunglasses providing a wide range of designs. From sport-style to aviator-style, sunglasses have become an important part of fashion.

Sunglasses today not only protect your eyes from rays of the sun, they also allow you to state your style with your choice of design.

Some tips for choosing sunglasses:

Some tips for choosing sunglasses

Decide what you want sunglasses for: If you’re working somewhere, the design of your sunglasses should be formal –looking. If you’re a sportsman, you can sporty a funky looking design of sunglasses. So decide your purpose of wearing shades.

Sunglasses are not seasonal anymore: You must know that you’re not wearing shades just for the summer. You should wear shades whenever you are facing a bright sun. So choose a design which suits you in all seasons.

Find out the extent of UV ray protection: You should know the percentage of UV radiation from the sun which can be avoided by your sunglasses. Choose the one which best shields your eyes from UV rays.

Make sure your eyes are completely covered: Your shades should fully cover your eyes. This will avoid direct passage of sun’s rays into your eyes.

Choose appropriate color: If you buy extremely dark colored shades, it may be hard to look through them when sunlight is low.

Select the best suited style: Don’t choose a particular style of sunglasses just because your friend wears the same. Try various shapes and choose the one which best suits you.

Sunglasses are not just a shield for your eyes anymore. Today they are one of the most important accessories in fashion. So have it and Flaunt your style!

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