Make-up is something that you cannot spend a day without and so it is very much obvious that you carry a make-up remover with you. Like a good girl you remove all the make-up and dirt from your face and then enjoy your beauty sleep at the end of the day. That’s really good! But sometimes you might think when you are out with your remover that you had some alternatives to serve your purpose, I too had thought that many times! So worry not and check out the list that I have brought for you and do not let your beautiful face suffer.

Superb Alternatives to Makeup Remover – Check Out!

These make-up remover alternatives will help you serve your purpose naturally…

  • Use Petroleum Jelly….

Check my bag and you can spot a small container of petroleum jelly all the time. And after reading this, I am sure you would want to do the same. Use a small amount over your face with the help of a cotton ball and you can easily sweep out all the make-up. Begin doing this and see amazing results!

  • Dab some Baby Oil!

To get rid of the stubborn eye make-up, you must try this once. Dab some over a cotton ball and gently massage around your eyes and see all the colours and glitter coming down. This will also help your eyes moisturize and if you happen to be a make-up freak, this tip will help you in a longer run.

  • Grab some Olive Oil From your Kitchen!

Step straight towards your kitchen and look around in your cabinets, grab a bottle of olive oil (any variety would go) and use it to get rid of all the make-up. This oil acts as a good moisturizer and your skin will end up feeling great.

  • Oh the Sweet Honey!

Yes you can use it too! I know you never thought of using it while eating it over your salad. Using directly will create a mess as honey is too thick to handle, so dab some over your fingers and then swipe it off with a wet cotton ball.

  • Yoghurt, Yes that too!

You might frown after reading this, but this is true. You can use plain yoghurt to remove all the make-up from your face and so you could easily enjoy a smooth look in the end. Be sure to remove all in the end.

Don’t tell me that you did not like it? I am sure you did! So start following them and make sure you stay beautiful.

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