Festivals bring happiness. They are the time when we want our loved ones to be happy and joyous. Holi is approaching and you might be busy making preparations for the day. Do you know there are ways by which you can make your loved ones happy and feel surprised? Wanna know? Read on to find out what all you can do to keep your family ones happy and then see their joy reflecting from your eyes as well.

While your mum is busy in making sweets and your wife is with shopping, take out some time to make them feel a special part of your life J

  • Take your Mum to the Market!

No matter how planned and well prepared you stay, there is always something that makes you run at the end moment. So help your mother or your wife by taking them to the market rather than sitting and watching TV. This will make you feel good when you will find their trouble vanishing in the end.

  • Help in Decorations!

You are not granted holiday just to sit, watch TV and enjoy amazing dishes. Get up, and help your family members with the decorations. Bring in your creative ideas and let your guests enjoy a lovely retreat to their eyes. Don’t waste the day just by sitting idly on sofa!

  • Gift Some Traditional Outfits!

Gift your mum, sis and wife some traditional clothes to wear on the day. This will definitely make them feel special and you can also get something lovely as a return gift! Don’t forget to click some photos before you throw colour at each other.

  • Do a Good Deed!

However, one should not wait for some occasion to be kind and helpful, yet you can make your day memorable by doing something that will count and make your day worthy. Like invite some poor children home and get them supper and make them play along with you. Believe me you will feel super awesome while doing this!

Follow these suggestions and make your colourful day more memorable and enjoyable, all the best!

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