The chilly winds have already started blowing and many of you must have already stacked your vanity with the most hydrating moisturizer. But is the moisturizer enough to protect your skin? There are many things like using moisturizer, face oils, avoiding excessive exfoliation, etc. to maintain a healthy glow even during winters. Here is the complete checklist to take care of your skin during winters.

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1. Apply moisturizer and then reapply it if your skin is too dry. But don’t slather it too much. A gel cream base is ideal for every skin type.

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2. Invest in Bio Oil. It offers a number of anti-ageing properties and nourishes your parched skin. It is very light in texture and adds a healthy shine on your face.

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3. Hot water is welcomed during winters. But it plays a havoc on your skin. if your skin is already dry, it can be even more harmful. Use lukewarm water to have bath.

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4. Winter is the time when you have to pay extra attention to your nutrition. Eat dry fruits and foods rich in Omega-3 for imparting a healthy glow on your face. Seasonal fruits are a blessing. Don’t consume too much of carbs and sugar as they might cause acne.

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5. Avoid excessive exfoliation as it might cause minor scrapes and injuries on your already parched skin. Use the hydrating exfoliators like oatmeal or coffee powder. Don’t forget to slather some moisturizer afterward.

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