Over the last decade with the advancement of technology several apps have been developed for our entertainment and benefits. But with cool and amazing features these apps also have the ability to drain out your battery.
Here is the list of apps that are amazing with features but bad when it comes to saving battery:

1. WeChat

wechat ruining battery lifeImage Source: ytimg

This app is not quite popular among Indian users but if you have this app on your download list then we recommend you should not.
2. Prisma

prisma app draining battery lifeImage Source: stuff

This app became quite popular among users because of its amazing filters that convert your pictures into a piece of art. But this app which has a number of filters also drains your phone’s battery.

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3. Snapchat

snapchat ruining phone battery lifeImage Source: gazettereview

This app is considered as the best app for various comic filters but while using and having fun with these filters we don’t realize that our battery is draining.
4. WhatsApp

whatsapp ruining battery lifeImage Source: messageloud

It is one of those apps that are most used in India. WhatsApp is a messaging that allows you to send messages with funny emojis and also have the feature of sharing videos, documents, pictures and even stories. But with all these amazing features it also drains the battery so use it smartly.

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5. Facebook

facebook ruining battery lifeImage Source: woocommerce

This is one of the best social networking apps but it eats up the battery quickly.
6. The Weather Channel

apps ruining phone battery lifeImage Source: digone

This app is amazing when it comes to sharing the current forecast of your area but it is better if you watch it over TV or by stepping out.

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7. Instagram

instagram ruining battery life

Image Source: konbini

We all love Instagram and its filters but while trying out the filters we almost forget to keep an eye on our battery.

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