Condoms are being used on a large scale in recent times. There’s no single person who’s alien to condoms and its uses. But are we thorough about its side effects? You won’t believe me if I say that most of the people are suffering from sex-related disorders due to condoms. So it’s our responsibility to make you aware about the alter effects of condoms.

1. Physical injuries in Women’s genitals
Using a condom every time you engage in a coital act is not good as you think. It can cause physical injuries in your vagina. So far, incidents of cuts and swelling have been seen in women. Sometimes it also leads to bleeding which can be mistaken menstrual blood. This increases the risk of infection in the uterus or the cervix.

Lots of condomsImage Source: plannedparenthood

2. Allergy and Painful Sex
The researches have revealed that having sex with a condom on for more than two times a week can increase the sensitivity of your vagina. Regular use of condom also reduces the natural lubrication of the vagina. Sometimes it can also stop completely. This leads to painful sex and reduced libido in women.

side effects of condom 2Image Source: patheos

3. Damage to Vaginal Self-Defence Mechanism
Let me tell you that our genitals are already blessed with the self-defence mechanism. But if you use condoms for more than 2 times a week, then this self-defence mechanism of your genitals can be impaired.

side effects of condom 3Image Source: circajoylyn

4. Condoms are made up of latex
No doubt that the condoms protect you from the sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. But we can’t deny the fact that they are made up of latex, which is the main cause of vaginal itching. It also reduces a woman’s libido while having sex. Some women even complain about itching and dryness in private parts after using condoms.

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