Backbenchers are always most interesting and introvert type of people. I am saying this because I have been one during in my school as well as college days. Even being a girl I never wanted to in front row, because it made me feel like a robot. The freedom of backbencher is known by themselves only. They are the coolest personalities in the class. People thinks that backbenchers never study. But this is a myth, backbenchers have a very creative and energetic mind. They live in their own world. They do self-study and live a pleasurable life in the class. You can even say that they enjoyed the most precious moments in their life when everyone was studying. So, here I am going to discuss some of the qualities of backbenchers:

Always comes late in the class

A backbencher always has a heroic entry in the class. When the class is started, suddenly a breathless running person comes in the class and ask for the entry. Yes….here comes the backbencher.

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Always creative on tables

It is normal that a backbencher never studies in the class but yesss…..he/she is always good at creative thing. You can get its proof after seeing the last bench of the class. It is always full of creative and beautiful drawing or quotes. This reflects that a backbencher’s mind is full of dynamism and imaginative ideas.

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Always sleep in class shamelessly

Backbencher have complete rights to sleep in class. Yess…..I always did that in my college days. They occupy backbench so that they are not visible to professors and complete their sleep in class only.

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Distract whole class by talking

Backbenchers are always distractive in nature. They disturb the whole class by talking and gossiping about other people in the class. They keep on commenting and cracking jokes the whole time.

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Never carry pen and notebook along with them

They never carry pen and notebook along with them. They always snatch it from their friend. This shows their strong friendship also.

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Disturb professor and class by asking irrelevant questions

Backbenchers don’t want to study in class as they are self-readers. So, they keep on asking irrelevant question to keep entertaining the class. This makes them super cool also.

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Prepare all assignments on time

Although backbenches never concentrate on the topic taught in class, yet they always complete and submit their assignments on time. This shows their seriousness towards the studies.

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Keep on using phone between the lectures

The major benefit of sitting last in the class is that you can use your phone easily without noticing by the teacher.

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Never prepare notes

As I mention previously, backbenchers never took interest in class topics. That’s why they don’t feel their responsibility to prepare the notes.

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Always sits on last bench even if class is empty

Even if some day, the last bencher came early in the class. Still, he chooses his best seat, i.e. last bench.

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Eat the lunch before lunchtime

They keep on eating the foodstuff in the class without noticing by the teachers.

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Always complete file work of another subject

Backbenchers never want to take part in class. So, they use their time in completing files of other subjects. Many times they are expelled from the class but, this is their best activity of completing home work.

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I know, many of you are laughing after reading this because it recalled you of your college days when you were also a backbencher. Hope! You liked it.

Cloth Beauty